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Essential oils have been used in fashion and beauty for about fifteen years. But how to deal with the huge number of traders who sell them? There are pharmacies, drugstores, organic store, markets and of course on the Internet.
The prices of essential oils are very variable. How to explain these disparities? Is quality requirement met? Where to get the essential oils at the best prices?

How much does an essential oil cost?

The essences are localized in all parts of the plant: flowers, leaves, roots, bark or fruits. They constitute a reserve of energy for the plant that uses it when it needs to evolve. These secretions of essences are responses of the plant under stress. They allow the plant to adapt to its environment.

The price of an essential oil depends on its performance. The most aromatic one grow on arid lands. The sunlight plays a primordial role. The plants of the South contain more essential oils, especially those subjected to a stress of drought (thyme, savory, rosemary, lavender …)

For example, 100 kg of lavender give 3 kg of essential oil. 10 kg of cloves give 1 kilo of clove essential oil. While 1000 kg of rose petals give only 300 g of essential oil …

Lemon verbena costs around 2300 euros per kilo. While eucalyptus costs 150 euros per kg!

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How to choose the best essential oils?

To be used according to specific properties, the essential oil must be HEBBD = Essential Oil Botanically and Biochemically Defined, or “chemotyped”.

An essential oil of quality must always be guaranteed 100% pure and natural.

The first important thing is the botanical species of the essential oil (EB or SSP). The Latin name must appear on the bottle. Sage is poisonous in essential oil, while clary sage is not.

It is also important to identify the producer organ (OP): which part of the plant has been distilled? Depending on the distilled part, different essential oils are obtained.

The most important is the chemotype (SB or biochemical specificity). Reproductive organs may not appear, but the chemotype must be there. Depending on where the plant grows and depending on the time of picking, the constituents change.

For example, rosemary officinalis does not have the same chemotype according to the places whereas it is about the same botanical species.

They must be at least biological. If they come from wild plants, it’s even better. These have the most powerful constituents, especially for immune defenses, such as niaouli.

Wild plants are not necessarily used much. Then prefer mountain plants where there is more sun and no fertilizer.
All these information must be provided by the drugstore, or the online store you are buying your essential oil from.

Where to find essential oils at the best price?

Do not be on the lookout for low prices! When they are low, prices generally reflect a poor quality of essential oil. If you want to enjoy the benefits of essential oils, focus on quality and compare what is comparable.
Prices may seem high because essential oils are often packaged in small bottles. But the flasks last a very long time, to the extent that we use small quantities at a time. If you keep them cool and in the dark, you will keep your bottles for several years without altering its qualities.

On the Ijoobi.com online store for example, prices range from 2.50 euros to 90 euros and over 5 ml. If the budget is not a problem for you, buy your essential oils in organic stores or pharmacy, or on websites that offer some guarantee of quality. Stay vigilant on the points evoked when to the quality. This site offers you a choice and extremely interesting prices. Product technical sheets, quality bulletin and recipes are also available.

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