How to perform a professional facial treatment at home

Sometimes your skin needs extra attention. You can take care of her with a professional facial treatment if you can afford it, but if you prefer to do it at home, here are three of my favorite methods.

Pour three tablespoons of oatmeal into a piece of special cloth, cotton or gauze. Wet the oatmeal bag with lukewarm water and rub your face with it for two minutes. This helps exfoliate the skin and loosens blackheads. Then apply the wet oatmeal directly to your skin and leave it for five minutes, which will help to temporarily firm the skin. Rinse with warm water. Your face will have a beautiful glow.

After cleansing and toweling your skin, apply a cotton wool toner prepared with equal parts cider or apple vinegar and water; let it dry. This natural toner helps to temporarily firm pores and normalize the skin’s pH balance.

Easy Trick: Black Mask Cleanser to Rejuvenate your Skin

Simple, cold yogurt on the clean skin is a wonderful firming mask. Leave it for ten to fifteen minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water and then cold water. Instead of yogurt, you can use tea bags or slices of fresh cucumber. An ice cube is also good for this effect.

If you prefer to use something more professional, you can resort to products such as the deep cleansing black mask that thanks to its natural components have very beneficial effects on the skin. Its application is really very simple to apply at home.

With your middle finger, place stitches of small amounts of cream and then spread the cream all over your face, creating a mask. Let the product do its job and then cleanse the skin, the effect will be almost immediate.

how to use black mask

A good foundation: important for all girls

It is easy to cover defects, such as red spots or sunburned nose, when using the right product. Most cosmetics companies offer creams or tubes with which red dots turn light pink. To cover the red, I recommend a neutralizing cream with a yellowish shade.

If your skin has flaws in some areas of color, there are opaque creams in several shades to cover them. Apply them as a neutralizer before your base.

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